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Student Kit App Latest Version Download 2024-25 Student Kit Latest App Updated version Student Kit app updated version 2024 Student Kit Latest App download link, How to use Student Kit app

Student Kit Latest App download link, How to use Student Kit app All HMs are request to install the latest New version app. If they have the student kit app older one please delete and install the above one.

స్టూడెంట్ కిట్ 2024-25 పంపిణీకు సంబంధించి STUDENT KIT APP ను అప్డేట్ చేశారు. అందరు MEOs, Complex HMs మరియు అన్ని పాఠశాలల వారు ఈ అప్డేటెడ్ వెర్షన్ ని Install చేయాల్సి ఉంటుంది. పాత వెర్షన్ పనిచేయదు App Default Password: Skt@2024, User Id : IMMS App User ID

Student Kit App Latest Version Download
Andhra Pradesh government has decided to start Student Kit Scheme 2024-25 for students. Under this scheme the state government will provide education kits to government school students. The government is launching this scheme so that the students of govt. schools can easily focus on their studies.

How to download, install, login, Distribute kit through biometric Student Kit Mobile Application

1. The items delivered by the supplier at Mandal Stock Point shall be counted by the Mandal teams and ensure the quantity and quality of the items.
2. If any shortage of items at the time of counting is noticed, the same immediately informed to the concerned supplier through official e-mail. duly extending a copy to the District Educational Officer/Additional Project Coordinator and State Project Director.
3. The Mandal team should ensure the quality of the items at the time of verification at Mandal Stock Point. If any damaged/ under quality/ Mismatch items are found supplied by the vendor, such items should be kept aside and informed to the supplier immediately through official e-mail and such items should be returned to the supplier. The supplier should be requested by the Mandal Educational Officer concerned to replace the above under quality/damaged/Mismatch items with new items immediately.
4. Acknowledgement should be given to the supplier only for the items that are received in good condition and in good quality. Under quality items/Damaged items/ Mismatch items should be rejected at the level of Mandal Educational Officer only. Such unqualified items should not be supplied to Schools and Students.
5. Proper accounts should be maintained by the District Educational Officer/Additional Project Coordinator/ Deputy Educational Officer/Mandal Educational Officer/Head Master regarding the receiving’s, distribution shortages, damages, mismatch, replacement. The concerned Regional Joint Directors/ District Educational Officers /Additional Project Coordinators / Community Mobilization Officers should take the responsibility of quality receiving’s and supplies to students for entire end to end monitoring.
6. All sample items of student kits should be displayed in Quality wall at Mandal Stock Points with out fail
7. An annexure with details of suppliers, Phone numbers, e-mail addresses are enclosed herewith for favor of necessary action.

Student Kit App Latest Version Download