Discontinuing Student info Portal Migration to UDISE+ 2024-25

Discontinuing Student info Portal Migration to UDISE+ 2024-25 School Education Department- Discontinuing Student info Portal Migration to UDISE+ from the AY 2024-25 – Orders – Issued New Admissions Transfer of Students Existing Student Services Teachers data UDISE CODES PEN ID

School Education Department- Discontinuing Student info Portal – Migration to UDISE+ from the AY 2024-25 – Orders – Issued ESE02-31021/36/2024-IT-CSE Dated: 12/06/2024


1) This office Procs. ESE02-30/83/2019-A&I -CSE Dt:13/04/2023

2. G.O.Ms.No.50 of School Education (General) Department, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Dated: 10.06.2023.

3. G.O Letter from the Secretary, DOSeL, Dated 21-03-2022,

4) DO Letter from the Principal Secretary School Education, A.P vide No 2204981/General/A2/2023 Dated 11.10.2023

In continuation to the orders issued vide reference 1st cited, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, District Educational Officers, DVEOs, RIOs, APCs(SS), in the State is invited to the reference read above, wherein, the Unified Digital Information on School Education Plus (UDISE+) requires the collection of information from all recognized and unrecognized schools that provide formal education from Pre-primary to XII. The data collected through the digital platform of UDISE+ is used for planning, resource allocation, implementation of various education-related programs, and assessments of progress made. The online Data Collection Form (DCF) used by UDISE+ collects information on various parameters such as school infrastructure, teachers, enrolments, examination results, etc. spread across 5 sections:

                 Sections Details
Section 1A School Profile Details
Section 1B School Safety and Other Indicators
Section 1C Receipts and Expenditure
Section 1D Vocational Education Details
Section 2 Physical Facilities, Equipment, Computer and Digital initiatives
Section 3 Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Details
Section 4 Student Details
Section 5 Enrolment in other type of Schools

The UDISE+ platform that allows all stakeholders to input data. This portal is essential for obtaining accurate data, which is critical for obtaining proper scores and ranks in different national dashboards. The UDISE+ portal also enables you to generate all kinds of reports.

During last few years, the School Education Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh had a dedicated system called the Student Info Portal for enrolling students from all schools and managements, from pre-primary to Class 12. Post finalization of data, the said data use to be submitted to GOI, the same data use to reflect in UDISE+ portal for reconfirmation by the respective HMs/Principals, which is a duplication and laborious process (time-consuming process).

During 2022-23, the Government of India has instructed all states to migrate to UDISE+ portal to provide hassle-free services across the country instead of maintaining state own portals.

To overcome the above scenario, GOAP after careful examination, opined to maintain single platform avoiding duplication process (confirmation at national portal). Further, decided to migrate to GOI UDISE+ portal. Accordingly, an assurance letter to has been submitted to GOI that School Education Department, A.P will migrate from the year 2024-25 onwards. Subsequently, all the data pertaining to AY 2023-24 has been integrated with the central UDISE+ portal.

Progression :

Since the new academic year (2024-25) is about to start, it has been proposed to start the student data entry in UDISE+ portal itself. The portal is provisioned in such a way that, the total data pertaining to the year 2023-24 will be auto populated, the concerned schools must verify and confirm the progression for the classes (2 to 12).

New Admissions:

Further, w.r.t Pre-Primary to Class 1, the new admission shall be entered in UDISE+ portal only. Once the data is entered Permanent Enrolment Number (PEN) ID will be generated automatically.

Whereas w.r.t to new admissions in other classes, provision has been provided to enroll the students at mandal level in MIS login. The MIS coordinator shall select the appropriate school and push the student by entering few profile details such as name, parent details, UID, caste etc… The remaining details have to be filled by respective school in their login (Note : this provision is only for the students who have never enrolled in any school/ college / institution from Class2 to Class12 throughout the country).

Transfer of Students:

Students, who wish to transfer from one school to other school, within state or out of state shall be dropped in the old school by the respective HM/ Principal. In turn the new school HM/ Principal shall pick the student from drop box by entering PEN Number or combination of Aadhar / Year of Birth. After successful completion the entire data of the student entered by previous school will be auto populated in the new school login. The HM/Principal shall verify and confirm the same. No additional documents are required for transfer of students.

Other equivalent courses data:

While the total data from classes (Class PP1 to Class 12) is migrating to UDISE+ portal, the remaining equivalent courses data ( ITI, Polytechnic, IIIT, APOSS, Skill Development etc.) shall remain same and they shall enter the students data in state portal itself i.e Student info.

Existing Student Services:

The data entered in UDISE+ portal shall be consumed once in day through an API to state Student info portal server to provide the remaining services such as Student Attendance, Mid-Day-Meal Accountability (EGGS, PEANUT CHIKKI etc..) Bills payment, State Entitlements, Academic Marks Entry, Text Books Indent/supply, Uniform/shoes/notebooks other state schemes distribution etc.. and all Mobile APPS shall function as usual.

Teachers data:

All the teacher’s data entered in 2023-24 in UDISE+ portal will be automatically populated on-par with students. The transfer details can also be updated similar to students time to time using national teacher id. GSR INFO-www.gsrmaths.in


All MIS Coordinators /APOs/ASOs shall compare and verify the schools/college in their jurisdictions and allot UDISE codes, if not allotted earlier. No school/ colleges shall function without UDISE CODE.


Permanent Enrolment Number (PEN) ID shall be widely publicized and used for all correspondences/communications. HMs /Principals shall download students PEN IDs and communicate the same to students and also place them in school notice board.

Therefore, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education District Educational Officers, DVEOs, RIOs and APCs(SS) in the State are instructed to disseminate the above instructions to all Mandal Educational Officers, Headmasters, principals in their jurisdiction and ensure smooth data entry in UDISE portal. They may also be informed that, UDISE+ portal is only single source for data entry.

Any doubts / clarifications pertaining to UDISE+ may contact MIS Coordinator at Mandal level and ASO/APO at district level.

Detailed manual on New Students entry, Transfer of Student, Dropping Student, Teacher details entry etc. is herewith enclosed for ready reference.

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